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How to Increase Social Media Engagement

minus the intimidation

Running social media for a small business can be intimidating, and when you have hardly any engagement, it can feel like a waste of time. Why post every week or even every day if no one is listening? Before we dive into how to increase social media engagement, it’s important to remember why social media is important. An active social media presence can boost search engine rankings, increase sales and give your amazing insights as to what your audience is actually interested in. Sound worthwhile? Let’s talk about increasing the engagement levels, then!


Becoming a Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

who do you serve?

A purpose-driven entrepreneur reflects on their unique experiences in life, and channels that into a business that makes an impact in a way they uniquely can. They are clear on who they want to serve and align everything in their business to affect change.


Brand Strategies For Growth

time for a shake-up!

Does your brand growth strategy need a shake up? If you’re not sure what direction to head in next, it helps to see what others are up to. In this hyper-connected world with so much noise and competition, branding and marketing have grown dramatically in influence and importance. Startups and mature businesses alike are seeking growth and long-term profitability—and it’s getting harder to come by amidst the clutter. Brands help people distill information, simplify choices, and make decisions.

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